The LFG Squad

Who are we?

The LFG Squad was founded on the belief that activewear should never be the factor holding you back from all your athletic dreams and pursuits.

We believe that activewear should help you feel good and look good with unrestricted movement, so you can perform your best at any time.

Designed with the athlete in mind –  expect soft, comfortable fabric that is sweat-wicking, free-moving, and aesthetically suitable for any occasion – from the gym to your coffee catchups.

So go forth without any restrictions. No camel toe, no slip-throughs, no awkward sweaty patches, and most of all, no excuses to not put your best self forwards.

Gear up and Let’s F*king GO!

Set your standards high.

Earn the grind,

Respect the grind,

Embrace the grind.


Core Values

These are the core values that form the backbone of our business.


To uphold our commitment to quality and transparency.


To have heart for everything that we do – because we believe, so we will achieve.


To always have an open mind for constant improvements.

A message from our founder

Stella Audrey Lee

Hi there, it’s nice to meet you!

Creating a product line of athletic yet aesthetic wear for lifters and athletes is something I’ve always dreamed about.

For a long time, I could not find high-quality, comfortable yet actually functional activewear without shelling the big bucks. As a strength athlete, I've also noticed a lack of representation of more musculine figures in activewear branding.

After quietly observing for a while, I decided to take the leap to create my own.

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to train, and I want to support the fitness community with clothes that fit like a glove so they can focus on kicking ass without a hefty price tag.

I hope you enjoy the products that I’ve put my heart into creating, and I look forward to your feedback on them.

Write to me anytime to share your thoughts and what you hope this brand can help you to achieve.

After all, the community is what makes us the LFG squad.